All-Inclusive Elopements in Grand Junction, Colorado

The Western Slope of Colorado is the best place to elope in the state, you just might not know it yet! From the red rocks of the Grand Junction canyons to the wildflowers of the Grand Mesa, to the lush orchards and vineyards of the riverside Palisade, there are so many backdrops to choose from. Whether you’re a couple that is feeling overwhelmed by planning a traditional wedding, or you’ve known all along that eloping was the wedding for you, it can still be intimidating to decide to plan an elopement instead. Maybe you want to just throw your hands in the air and let someone else do it for you. Well you’re in luck! With an All-Inclusive Elopement package you can select a couple little things and have the rest of the day created for you!

The All-Inclusive Elopement Process

When you book an all-inclusive elopement with Amanda Matilda Photography, you’ll get a photographer and elopement planner with over 10 years of experience to create and plan a great wedding day for you. It’s important that you’re a couple who doesn’t really care about the nitty gritty of things, and just wants to say your vows in a beautiful place, have a fun time, and get some stunning images of the experience. If that sounds like you, then you’ll book your package and start the process!

Once you’re booked, you’ll select your location. The Grand Junction area offers three main backdrops for you to choose from:

The Colorado National Monument, which is a red rock and canyon setting that offers wild desert landscapes…

Palisade, which is Colorado’s Napa Valley-esque wine country with vineyards, orchards, lavender fields, Mt. Garfield, and the Colorado River scenery…

and the Grand Mesa, which is the world’s largest flattop mountain, home to over 300 lakes, wildflowers in the summer, golden aspen trees in the fall, snow in the winter, and high elevation forests to play in.

After you select your location for the big day, officially decide on a date, and lock in booking with our officiant, you’ll select which style of flowers you want for each of you from three general vibes.

From these selections your photographer will help guide you through the journey with Area Guides, vendor recommendations if you want to book any extras, guidance with things to do on your elopement day, timeline creation, and anything else you need a team on your side with!

What is Not Included in “All-Inclusive”

While our All-Inclusive Elopement package includes everything you need to get married in an intimate elopement, there are some things you are responsible for booking or buying yourself. If you need to travel to Grand Junction, you will need to book your own travel and lodging. Our photographer will help give you recommendations for places to stay though! Similarly, you will need to buy your own attire as well.

If you’re selecting the Colorado National Monument, a permit is required that the couple is required to apply for. Our photographer will help you with any part of the process if needed!

If you would like a cake, picnic board, or champagne, those things are extras and can be added on yourself or with your photographer/planner.

Finally, anything above-and-beyond you’d like to do on your elopement day is yours to book. Anything like a canoe ride, wine tasting tour, alpaca walking tour, ski lift ride, etc. would be your responsibility.

How Far in Advance to Book an All-Inclusive Elopement

The best part of deciding to elope is the flexibility and spontaneity! All-Inclusive Elopements can be booked in as little as a week or two’s time — depending on photographer and officiant’s availability. To elope this last-minute, reach out with ideal timeframes and see what lines up with our openings. From there, book travel and lodging as soon as possible and you’re all set! If you’ll be eloping this quickly, it’s super important that you’re flexible with almost everything involved. Flowers can also be limited by what’s in stock at that time.

How to Know if an All-Inclusive Elopement is Right For You

If you’re a couple who does not care about the frills or nitty gritty details, and only cares about getting married to each other in a beautiful location on a fun day, an all-inclusive elopement might be right for you! If you have a specific vision in mind for your elopement, and it doesn’t line up with these locations or you want very specific flowers for your big day, or you want to elope outside of the Grand Junction area, this package is probably not right for you. If you want to elope with more than a few friends and family, this package is probably not the right fit for you. If you don’t like our photographer’s work or style of photography, this package is probably not your best option either! In those cases, it’s a better idea to seek a photographer that you vibe with or book a general elopement package that includes travel outside of the valley.

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