How to Elope in Less Than a Month

While many more couples these days approach “eloping” as more of an intentionally intimate wedding day, with no guests or just a few guests, some couples still “elope” in a more traditional sense – getting married a short amount of time after deciding to make this next step, sometimes unbeknownst to anyone else! If you’re wondering how to elope in less than a month, we’ve got good news for you: an all-inclusive elopement package is the best way to make that happen! Here are the exact steps you’ll take to elope in under a month:

Book an All-Inclusive Elopement Package

By finding a photographer whose style you love, that offers an All-Inclusive Elopement package, you can check off most of your to-do list in one fell swoop! When you hire us, you’ll get an elopement photographer to capture amazing images of the day, with ten years of experience planning elopements. Simply select the style of flowers you’d like (if you even have a preference!), pick one of three backdrops, decide on cake flavor, and you’re all set!

Creating the Elopement Ceremony

Our officiant will help you create your elopement ceremony, personalizing the event to who you are as a couple. You deserve a special wedding day, even if it’s sort of last minute! They can also help you write your own vows if you want to go above and beyond. Don’t worry about the marriage license or filing the certificate: your officiant will take of that too!

What’s Not Included?

There are a few things you’ll need to take care of yourself once you’ve booked an all-inclusive package with us. While we cover the basic essentials for your elopement, you’ll need to book some lodging (we’ve got tons of recommendations!), plan your travel, and buy your own attire for the day. We’ll give you our Area Guide with local insights on where to stay, what to eat, and what to do while you’re here – but you’ll still want to make your own dinner reservations if you want to end the evening with a nice dinner. Lastly, if you’ve chosen a spot with a permit requirement, unfortunately couples still have to apply for that themselves (though we’ll walk you through every step!)

Enjoy Your Elopement & Be Married!

Once you’ve got travel figured out and you’ve bought your attire, just show up to the location we’ve decided on and enjoy the hell out of your elopement day! You’ll get ready for the event, share a first look and your vows, maybe a personalized unity ceremony, make it legal by signing the papers, and celebrate with some champagne. Portraits, picnics, and more can follow your ceremony as you explore this beautiful area and all the amazing backdrops it offers.

And that’s how easy it can be to elope in less than a month with an all-inclusive elopement package! Click here for more info on how we can help create your favorite day.

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